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Runway Boutique


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Runway Boutique

Founded in 2009 RUNWAY is the first luxury store which has always presented contemporary high-end selections of the latest fashion from all over the world. For more than 11 years RUNWAY has been pursuing innovation, excellence seeking the best. The history of RUNWAY is a journey through style, exploration and tradition, from a small shop turned into a main destination of all those who love style, luxury and the latest fashion. Runway as a family business reflects values, tradition, quality, dedication and innovation.
Here’s why the Runway Boutique website is not just stunning, but also practical:
The website’s architecture and aesthetics were created keeping in mind that it is a high-end multi-brand selling various designer products. The same approach was used to develop their social media presence and email newsletters. Runway’s website design is all about building a solid customer base. The campaign collection inspires new visitors to leave their email address for updates or to create an account for purchases. Either choice helps grow their customer base, inspiring repeat visits, and ultimately leading to more conversions.